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Feb 27

Minimum Viable Product vs. Minimum Delightful Product

MVP or Minimum Viable Product, is a term popularized by Eric Ries for web applications. It is now used by start-ups across different sectors in reference to releasing a basic product early. Start-ups use MVPs to gain feedback, and discover if there is a want for the product in the market before investing the time and money to implement additional features. For consumer applications MVP doesn’t make much sense. Especially with the widespread use of touchscreen mobile devices, the natural interface of swiping and touch demands a delightful UX. Basic functionality without a compelling user experience is bound to fail in a consumer market. Thus product development teams interested in rapid development and iteration should aim for Minimum Delightful Product (MDP). It will ultimately payoff in the long run, owing to more user retention and as a result, better user data and feedback.

Clear is the perfect example of an app that focused on MDP. They went with the simplest functionality they could build, a todo list. And although basic, they developed an intuitive interface and beautiful design for a delightful experience. Check out the video or download the app if you haven’t already. 

Think about your favorite mobile apps and applications. Why are they your favorite? Is it the design, the experience, the functionality, or all three? If it’s an early development, does it focus on MVP or MDP?